All Saints Day

11-01-2020Gospel Meditation

I remember as a child the meticulousness my father would bring to a task. Whether it be tending to a chore in the yard, repairing something, or painting a room, the tiniest of every detail demanded his attention. He had great patience. I benefited greatly by his example and remember these lessons well. We all need examples to follow. It is important to identity folks who excel at simple things and show us how to do things well. There are those among us and those who have gone before us who serve as these models and witnesses. They are ordinary people who in their “extraordinary ordinariness” capture our attention and allow us to see things more clearly.

These are the prophets, martyrs, teachers, witnesses, heralds, and innovators who bring a single- minded devotion to God to even the simplest of tasks they perform. They have an openness to being used and become vessels of Divine justice, mercy, and presence. They call us to the “more” of life and point us to the Gospel in all of its simplicity and splendor. They remind us of the little ones of the Kingdom and the values we all need to cultivate and possess. They are the poor in spirit, the meek, the merciful, and the peacemaker who often are rejected not only by those who have far different agendas but by those you think would welcome them.

All of the saints in heaven and on earth form this cloud of witnesses who journey with us as we make our way through life. They offer us inspiration, wisdom, intercession, and support. They direct us toward true happiness and remind us that we are all called to be saints. All it takes is desire, love, and fidelity. There is much we can learn from the official saints of the church. Their guidance is ever before us and ever with us. But there is also a lot to learn from the unofficial saints of the church. They sit beside us every Sunday, are our neighbors and ordinary people we meet every day. Because of the devotedness of their faith, they remind us to keep going, remain focused, and cultivate purpose and meaning, and give voice to those who have none. The inspiration is all around us.

Pay attention to the details. Do what you do with great love. Know that you are not alone. Believe that you can persevere. Have great faith.